Webinar Tax Residence

Jose Maria ALFIN
November 4, 2022

Webinar Tax Residence from a practical perspective taking into account real cases; OECD criteria and the internal regulations of some countries

In this webinar we are going to explain in a very practical manner, the key aspects of the tax residence in 10 different countries. We will compare how the tax residence is regulated and what would happen if two countries challenge the tax residence of an individual.

The model of treaty of the OECD is critical in this regard, but you could think what happen if the two countries discussing the tax residence of an individual do not have a double tax treaty in force.

We will try to contribute some key aspects to clarify doubts or questions.

You can register to the webinar through Eventribrite Fintax Andorra Event.

The event will be by zoom on Thursday, November 17th 2022 as from 11 to 12 CET.

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