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Fintax Andorra combines Legal Tax and Economic solutions to offer an unparalleled Tax, Immigration, Real Estate and Financial Law Advisory Service. With roots in Andorra, Fintax is among the country's top tax & corporate law firms with a deep understanding of issues surrounding Andorran citizenship, residency, tax and financial law. Proudly Andorran and with a global reach, we strive to usher Andorran legal services onto the global stage as an emerging centre of financial ingenuity, commercial probity and innovation. In turn, we grow our client’s businesses through the insights of a global outlook, diverse skill sets and relationships with international firms.

About us

We advise

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive legal support for relocation to Andorra or you need an experienced team of Andorran banking, realty and tax specialists to advise you efficiently, transparently and confidently, Fintax Andorra promises the solution.

Our senior partners have a proven track record in procuring favourable outcomes for clients in complex commercial and regulatory transactions. Under their guidance, our team of solicitors has honed their expertise to provide niche and highly specialised legal services across three core practice areas: International and Andorran tax advisory and residences, relocations; corporate, finance and real estate; the burgeoning digital economy.

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We protect

Ensuring your business endeavour is being protected, complying with domestic and international regulatory requirements and operating efficiently requires a team of corporate specialists engaged in smoothing the edges of your growth. Our team is dedicated to finding bespoke, end-to-end solutions for our clients whatever their tax, commercial, real estate and digital needs, allowing them to focus on the bottom line.

So, choose a firm that is invested in nurturing time-tested and rich relationships with its clients; one that’s portfolio reflects its dynamism. Ours looks like this: financial institutions, investment services organisations, investment funds, banks, insurance companies, energy sector actors, multinationals and high net worth individuals.



We are lawyers, tax advisers and specialists in Andorra residency challenges for the long haul. At the core ofFintax is our commitment to a strict code of ethics that prioritises our clients interests. We look to build the best, ongoing relationships with our clients;so prioritising your changing needs is part of our service – we believe that value accrues in sustainable collaboration and open communication.Consequently, our lawyers’ practice, both personally and professionally, is based on the principles of integrity, honesty and due diligence.  


At  Fintax Andorra, we value your bottomline. You will benefit from our investment in ingenuitive and efficient people, whose careers have been shaped by a conviction for vindicating the rights and securing the legal interests of their clients with unparalleled efficacy. A diverse team strengthens legal solutions. Providing you with a nuanced and dynamic approach to every legal and relational challenge is our specialty. Your corporate team will possess broad skill sets and will be united in their approach to Andorra tax challenges and their desire to shape the future of  Andorran corporate law.


Dynamic, vigorous and proven; the straits define our relationship to resolving complex and lengthy disputes in away that best secures your interests in the fast-paced fintech, digital economy and tax environment. Rely on a team that are not just specialists in the law; but who are proficient in diversifying their skills in conjunction with the latest legal technologies. This combination affords you unmatched technical excellence in the navigation of an ever-evolving legal landscape.  

about us

FINTAX ANDORRA is a law and tax firm founded by Mr. José María Alfin in October 2020. Jose Maria Alfin was the former Chief Legal Officer of GENERAL MOTORS RFC for Spain and Head of the Legal & Tax and Wealth Planning of ANDBANK. The complexity of globalization requires professionals to have international knowledge and experience when advising their clients. It is therefore essential that the advisor understands the ins and outs of their client's business. If the lawyer or adviser does not understand the objective or the goal pursued by his clients, it will be very difficult to provide a quality service.Therefore, we render premium services on these three main areas: (i) tax, relocations and immigration, (ii) local & international corporate & financial matters and (iii)new technologies and digital economy the scope of which is becoming increasingly important and complex.

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