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Tech & Digital economy

Andorra is a country with 70,000 inhabitants that has five banking institutions (soon to be 3, following the approved merger between Credit Andorra-Vallbanc and Morabanc-Sabadell Andorra), several entities specialising in asset management and financial and asset advisory services that require local specialists in the provision of IT and technological services. The Andorran government, aware of this need, has worked fast and hard to implement a regulatory framework that will turn Andorra into a hub of reference in the world of new technologies and digital revolution. The goal is the digital transformation of the country in order to attract talent in new business models.The digital transformation of the world, requires the legal and tax advisors to be informed and understand the technological needs of their clients not only from a legal but also from a technical point of view. If the lawyer or the tax advisor does not understand the business, it will be difficult for them to provide quality professional services.The complexity for non-technical people to understand this technological revolution and its details requires a high level of technical knowledge from the legal and tax advisor to provide quality service to their clients.

Digital Technologies: Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology, although many people identify it with the rise of cryptocurrencies, is a technology that goes much further. Aware that the new regulations already approved by the Andorra Government ("Digital Assets Act"). This technology requires us as advisors to be mindful of all the regulatory and tax developments and technological developments to help them carry out their activities in the best possible way. We support the Client with the incorporation of the company to carry out the business or start-up, negotiate contracts with suppliers and clients and finance contracts with incubators that provide these entrepreneurs with sufficient resources to carry out their projects.

Digital Revolution: Artificial Intelligence; Virtual Reality & Metaverse

The world of artificial intelligence and virtual reality is also an ever-growing world, and it is a challenge for us to keep abreast of such technologies. Helping entrepreneurs and investors protect their interests from the point of view of intellectual property protection and commercial and tax aspects.Metaverse is a challenging new world for everybody. Our team is following the evolution of this challenging new reality, which will have legal, tax & regulatory implications. This fact will impact all kinds of business sectors, and it will need a regulatory framework where we can also advise. 

E-Commerce, IP & Digital Marketing

We also have extensive experience in online sales, e-commerce and consumer rights at the Andorran and European levels. We also analyse the implications of this type of business in indirect taxation (IGI, VAT) and recommend the best and most efficient organisational structure in coordination with advisors from other countries with which we have consolidated agreements. Rest assured that with our tax advisors, you have a dependable consultant to help with these complex issues. Finally, we have long experience in IP matters, copywright, patents, brands and related areas.

  • Cryptocurrencies in Andorra
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality & Metaverso
  • Online Sales Activities, Intellectual Property & Industrial Property
  • E-Commerce and Consumer Rights (Andorran and European-level)
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I totally recommend Fintax. Their general knowledge is excellent and the advisory very professional. Jose Maria Alfin has immense tax know-how for cross a border issues (important when you have several companies throughout Europe). Fintax also addresses topics like digital law, labour and contracts. Great team and professional advice!!!

Mrs. Ada Jenny JANIETZ & Mr. Olivier AMENGUAL

“Really great lawyers and Tax advisors. Tecnically solvent, althought the most important thing is that you feel confidence”

CEO Laboratorios Echevarne (South Spain)

FINTAX is a law firm with extensive experience and legal expertise. Dr. Jose Maria Alfin is a great professional in the tax area that serves renowned multinational corporations, always acting with great seriousness, responsibility and dedication.

Mr. Felipe COGORNO
PresidentGRUPO COGORNO-Shopping ChinaParaguay-Uruguay-Bolivia-Brazil