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Corporate & Comercial Law

Where you are looking to expand your operations, merge with or acquire new businesses, administer dissolutions or consider judicial review of banking and government matters.

Fintax Andorra will be an asset in navigating these challenging legal challenges. We ensure our clients are secure in their everyday operations. No matter where you sit in the corporate structure – we advise companies holistically, from the board of directors and shareholders to corporate secretarial and administrative officers. We guarantee you comply with your legal obligations.

Also within commercial law, commercial contracts are a fundamental section, which on many occasions have international implications and therefore coordination with experts from other countries is necessary to ensure that the operation is viable and that the
jurisdiction and the law to which the contracts are subject adequately protects the interests of the clients.

Equally important is the protection of industrial property, i.e. trademarks, trade names and patents.

Real Estate Finance

You need a leading real estate law firm to manage your business's urban contracts, real estate project financing, occupier’s liability issues, leases, audits and licensing challenges. Fintax Andorra’s experience of the Andorran market and knowledge of local regulations and institutions situates us to offer unparalleled advice and administrative management when considering real estate investment strategies suitable for your objectives. Whether you are just an investor or a company director, our dynamic corporate finance and real estate team will ensure you have the right level of support to grow intelligently.

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Town Planning & Real Estate

Fintax Andorra team has extensive experience in providing the relevant advice to either to Real Estate Developers or individuals looking to buy a property as the main abode or just as an investment. 

In the first case, we are familiar with Town Planning Regulations in Andorra and the particularities of each Region (“Comú”). This is the first step to review in a due diligence process before making an important investment. 

In this sense, we provide advice as from the first due diligence up; to executing the first contract or promise of sale and purchase until the final appearance before the notary. 

On the other hand, in this kind transactions is key having the relevant expertise in the tax consequences of the transmission.

We always have in mind a 360 picture of the local tax consequences and international treatment of the potential income or capital gains. 

We have been involved in the most important transactions of the last decade in Andorra in terms of foreign investments.

Consequently, we can guarantee that we have the technical knowledge and capabilities to provide a premium advice in this sector.

book online or contact us for further information about this key sector which is nowadays very active and it is the most dynamic in terms of foreign investments in the Principality of Andorra.

You can get also more information in our two guides published at our

Finally, when the deadlines are very tight or we need to increase our workforce, we have a strategic alliance with one of the top law firms in Spain,
Gomez Acebo & Pombo, which has the resources and capabilities to support us in more complex or demanding transactions.

Among the services we provide we can name the following:

  • Incorporation of companies & Commercial Law
  • Statutory amendments
  • Formalities for the commercial registration of the company in accordance with Andorran law
  • Tax registration of the company with the tax and border department
  • Town Planning & Real Estate advice
  • Other administrative permits when required due to the activity sector
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I totally recommend Fintax. Their general knowledge is excellent and the advisory very professional. Jose Maria Alfin has immense tax know-how for cross a border issues (important when you have several companies throughout Europe). Fintax also addresses topics like digital law, labour and contracts. Great team and professional advice!!!

Mrs. Ada Jenny JANIETZ & Mr. Olivier AMENGUAL

“Really great lawyers and Tax advisors. Tecnically solvent, althought the most important thing is that you feel confidence”

CEO Laboratorios Echevarne (South Spain)

FINTAX is a law firm with extensive experience and legal expertise. Dr. Jose Maria Alfin is a great professional in the tax area that serves renowned multinational corporations, always acting with great seriousness, responsibility and dedication.

Mr. Felipe COGORNO
PresidentGRUPO COGORNO-Shopping ChinaParaguay-Uruguay-Bolivia-Brazil