How to Obtain Andorra Active Residency in 2023

Jose Maria Alfin
October 10, 2023

Main requirements to get the active residence visa in Andorra

Have you ever imagined living and working in a breathtakingly picturesque country located between two countries, France and Spain? Andorra is an undiscovered paradise in the Pyrenees Mountains, with plenty to offer those seeking active residency. Not only do you have access to high-quality life but also favourable tax regimes!

Are you drawn by this unique opportunity to start a new chapter abroad? Let’s look at what it takes to obtain active residence status within Andorran borders - including all relevant benefits associated with it, such as tax residence and eligibility for citizenship. Together, we shall uncover the steps needed so that your plans can become reality sooner rather than later!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Andorra Active Residency entails the acquisition of rights to work, live and invest in the country.
  • Active residency offers advantages such as tax benefits, a regulated financial environment and educational opportunities.
  • Obtaining active residency requires legalized documents with Hague Apostille, along with meeting certain requirements for family reunification or employment contracts.

Understanding Andorra Active Residency

Active residency in Andorra comes with many advantages, including the ability to work and live in the country while contributing economically. Active residents are able to take advantage of its high quality of life whether they’re building their own business or joining an existing one. Foreign investment authorization is also accessible for those residing within the Andorran territory boundaries. Family reunification registration process and car validation can be done by active residents here, as well as obtaining a driver's license from this nation-state. They may purchase property besides opening offshore bank accounts, which offers them economic equality compared to citizens living there at that moment, likewise taking into consideration all medical expenses related, even if it was due to any injury caused by job responsibilities during pregnancy treatment up 90% per cent being covered hospital bills only 75%.

Advantages of Active Residence Permit

The tax advantages provided by Andorra are one of the reasons it attracts people who look for active residency. This includes very low personal income tax, lack of inheritance or gift tax or a very favourable regime for local dividends. Those living in Andorra have to pay personal income on their total earnings, and non-residents owe taxation only on revenues generated from inside this country. Its citizens benefit from a superior quality of life thanks to an excellent educational system plus numerous outdoor activities like mountain biking and hiking, all backed up by the reliable regulatory environment offered by the Andorran Financial Authority.

Active vs Passive Residency

When seeking residency in Andorra, one must recognize the distinction between active and passive residence. Active residents are required to stay a minimum of 183 days, while those with only a passive resident permit have 90-day commitments, but different advantages come along with each choice. Nevertheless, this is an administrative requirement since 183 days are the key criteria for tax purposes. For anyone interested in residence in Andorra and applying for an official passive residence permit, they need to invest at least 600,000 euros towards property investments such as real estate equity or corporate funds within the country’s debt instruments market. Regarding active-passive residencies, it is vital that people remain present more than 183 days per year because overstaying will lead to taxes if you possess just a passive form of settlement.

Types of Active Residency Permits

Active residency permits in Andorra offer two main paths: self-employed and hired employees. Each option comes with its own set of conditions, ensuring that you find the most suitable choice according to your needs and situation.

If you are an entrepreneur launching a new project or looking for professional opportunities, understanding these distinctions can help you make wise decisions when aiming at settling down successfully within this picturesque country.

Self-Employed Active Residency

For self-employed active residency in Andorra, you must stay for at least 183 days. This will provide the opportunity to take part and contribute to the local economy while enjoying a great quality of life. To become an active resident, it is necessary to have ownership (minimum 20%) in an already existing company or newly established company as well as be designated managing director or member of its board, register with CASS Social Security Payments System, deposit €50,000 into a non-interest bearing government bond account plus your commitment to own business operations if applicable.

Active Residency through Work Contract

For those aiming to gain active residency via a work contract, there are certain steps that need to be taken. A job offer from an Andorran employer is essential, and applicants must satisfy the requirements of the post before they can continue with their application. The Andorran company sponsoring foreign workers needs to show how no local candidate was suitable for filling the position in question. It should also be noted that temporary work permits – valid between November and May every year – are limited up to three months and provide people who wish to experience residing as well as working in Andorra over this period an excellent chance prior to being fully committed into having long-term residence by means of getting a specific kind of permit at hand.

Required Documents and Procedures

For an active residency in Andorra residency, having all the correct documents is of utmost importance. All paperwork must be up-to-date with a Hague Apostille certification within 3-4 months to qualify for submission.

To guarantee your application runs smoothly and you are more likely to get acceptance on your permit request, it’s crucial that you thoroughly understand the required document details as well as observe all necessary procedures correctly.

Legalized Documents and Apostilles

If you wish to attain active residency in Andorra, all documents – dating no more than three months prior – such as a clean criminal record and financial means of support, must be legalized by the Hague Apostille.

Medical Examination and Certificates

In order to obtain an active residency permit in Andorra, one must submit themselves to a medical examination administered by the Medical Department of the Immigration Office. This is mandatory for certain types of permits and will confirm that they are fit and healthy. It’s essential that this process be scheduled as part of your application procedure, ensuring its completion so you can reap the benefits it offers without any delay or difficulties.

Living and Working in Andorra

For energetic individuals and their families, Andorra is an ideal place for a new start. It provides residents with great air quality, high living standards, as numerous business opportunities, both in terms of starting one’s own venture or joining existing ones. The country has a vibrant economy which also ensures access to excellent educational establishments.

From the beautiful outdoor activities available to those wanting to begin something on their own or join another company already established, whatever it may be active citizens will surely find satisfaction through what this wonderful land offers them!

Quality of Life and Environment

Residents of Andorra benefit from an excellent quality of life due to the country’s low crime rate and its picturesque natural landscapes. These offer plentiful opportunities for sports, such as skiing, mountain biking and hiking. Allowing active residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle outdoors in nature’s embrace.

Safety is highly prioritized with little risk associated here, meaning families can live peacefully while taking advantage of all that this stunning area has to offer. It really offers something special for those who seek out a vibrant but secure environment!

Business Opportunities and Networking

Andorra boasts a wide range of business opportunities, from investments and digital services to food and construction. Companies of all sizes can benefit from the nation’s favourable entrepreneurial environment, offering great prospects for networking as well as potential economic growth. To this, entrepreneurs in Andorra have access to numerous online resources where they may establish contacts that are beneficial for their businesses. Local company owners can take advantage of frequent international business side events such as seminars or conferences, which are ideal places for broadening horizons and connecting with other professionals on similar paths.

Family and Dependents

For those looking to have their family and dependents join them in beautiful Andorra, the country facilitates a reunification process. By following the required steps and meeting certain criteria, your loved ones can reap all of its benefits while enjoying life with unparalleled quality.

To this service for families, Andora also has various educational programs set up to attend to children’s needs from different stages of learning. Providing young people with solid foundations that will lead towards successful futures.

Family Reunification Process

In order for an active resident to be able to obtain a family reunification permit, they must have lived in Andorra for at least 12 months and meet the criteria applicable per respective family member. This authorization will then give access to residence permits so that your relatives can come join you in the country.

The duration of this type of visa is dependent on how closely related those involved are with either the original applicant or an Andorran national. Thus it’s important one understands all relevant rules and expectations when looking into such procedure as part of bringing loved ones over. Planning ahead adequately ensures smooth transition without too many unexpected surprises along the way.

Education and Childcare

Andorra has various education options available for kids of all ages, such as public schools with free tuition open to any youngster from 6 to 16 that adhere to the Spanish academic framework and teach in Catalan. Private or international schools are an alternative offering diverse curriculums (Spanish, French or British) but may charge fees according their chosen program. Childcare services ranging between 0-3 year olds can be found at a cost which parents might need while living in Andorra. Ensuring your children receive quality care and proper schooling.

Renewal and Path to Citizenship

For those wanting to settle permanently in Andorra, the process of acquiring residency and of renewal for active residency permits is a necessity. Achieving such status would allow holders to gain access to all the benefits that living in this beautiful country brings. Upon fulfilling certain criteria, they may become eligible for full citizenship as well, providing them with an even more secure future here.

It’s important then for residents and prospective citizens alike to familiarize themselves with what these procedures involve so that they can plan business trips ahead accordingly and make their stay truly enjoyable from start till finish!

Active Residency Permit Renewal

Active residency permits in Andorra, known also as active residence permit, are given an initial validity of one year and can be renewed up to ten years up to three times for two years each - enabling people with these certificates to obtain a long-term permission.

Keeping track of the periods when renewals effective residence and should take place is crucial if you desire uninterrupted access to experience all that this country has on offer: its impeccable quality of life and remarkable business prospects. By doing so, your active resident status will remain intact, ensuring continuous opportunities in living and working in Andorra.

Steps Towards Andorran Citizenship

To gain Andorran citizenship, you need to be a long-term resident of the country for at least 20 years. If you hold active residency in this beautiful mountain paradise, there are ways to speed up your application: an investment program or graduating from university can reduce the period of residence down to 10 and 3 years, respectively. While getting married with someone living here is another way. Thus by understanding all necessary conditions one may eventually become completely familiarized into their new home -with its own company, customs and everyday life alike-.


After reviewing this guide on active residency applications in Andorra, one should have all the information they need to make an informed decision about relocating. This small country provides numerous benefits. Such as a luxurious lifestyle with reasonable taxes, and plentiful educational opportunities along with a beneficial business environment. Whether you are looking for a fresh start or hoping to become part of something bigger, here is where your journey could begin!

In summary: obtaining active residency status gives individuals access to many attractive qualities which can open up new doors- transforming lives by creating prosperous futures filled with possibility, making it worth considering setting down roots in beautiful Andorra.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get residency in Andorra?

In order to acquire a legal residency status in Andorra, you must be accepted into one of the two available options: an active or passive residency program. To apply for either type of permit, approval from the government is required. The official residence card identifying your lawfully acquired resident state is “residencia” and allows you to work within country’s boundaries with respective authorization (work permit).

How do I get passive residency in Andorra?

To gain a passive residency in Andorra, it is essential to show that you have the necessary finances required for living there without needing to work - 300% of minimum wage per individual and 100% of the base salary as allowance for any dependents.

Can an EU citizen live in Andorra?

EU citizens can reside in Andorra if they can obtain citizenship through a work permit or by going through one of the residency programs available.

What are the main benefits of active residency in Andorra?

Living in Andorra with an active residency can provide many advantages, such as its favourable taxation system and high-quality lifestyle. Plenty of educational opportunities to explore and lucrative business ventures await you!

What types of active residency permits are available in Andorra?

Active residency permits are accessible in Andorra, mainly through two ways: self-employment and working on a contract. These residencies permit the holder to live and work legally in the country.