Andorra Digital Nomad Visa regulation published

Jose Maria Alfin
October 6, 2023

Regulation on Andorra Visa for Digital Nomads already published

The Regulation developing the requirements for the Andorran Digital Nomads Visa has been already published in the Official Gazzette of Andorra. Please, find here the link to the webinar that will take place on Thursday 1st June 2023.

The document with the regulation is on this Link. Applications could start one month after the publication (17/06/2023)

The document is a regulation that expands upon Articles 46, 47, and 51 of the Law 42/2022, enacted on December 1st, which focuses on the digital economy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. These articles introduce modifications to the existing Law 9/2012, which pertains to immigration qualifications in Andorra. By delving into this regulation, we gain valuable insights into the government's efforts to promote digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and innovation within the country.

Qualification of Andorran Companies: The document outlines the criteria for qualifying Andorran companies aiming to promote the digital economy, entrepreneurship, or innovation. By meeting these qualifications, companies may be eligible to offer employment opportunities to non-resident foreign workers with salaries lower than the prevailing minimum wage, subject to specific conditions.

Entrepreneurship Support: The regulation addresses the establishment of Andorran commercial entities seeking self-employment residency and work permits. It highlights the importance of promoting entrepreneurship in the digital realm, allowing applicants to bypass a substantial financial deposit requirement upon submission of their immigration authorization requests.

Residency Authorization for Remote Workers: The document emphasizes the issuance of favorable resolutions required for granting residency authorizations to foreign individuals engaged in location-independent work, utilizing telecommunications and technology. It aligns with the provisions set forth in Article 101 quinquies.a of Law 9/2012, ensuring flexibility for remote professionals to contribute to Andorra's economic landscape.

Foreign Entrepreneur Program: The regulation further highlights the facilitation of residency authorizations for foreign entrepreneurs participating in a program initiated by the Ministry. This program aims to attract and support innovative business ventures, in accordance with Article 101 septies.a of Law 9/2012.

As Andorra paves its path toward digital transformation, fostering entrepreneurship, and encouraging innovation, this regulation plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape. By engaging with the document linked above, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the initiatives taken by the Andorran government to embrace the digital era and create an environment conducive to economic growth.

We invite you to explore the document and discover the opportunities and implications it presents for individuals and businesses interested in the digital economy, entrepreneurship, and innovation in Andorra. Stay tuned to our website for more articles and updates that cater to the interests of our esteemed audience.

Note: Please be aware that the document is in its original language, and translation services may be required for non-local readers.