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Andorra, top country for Digital Nomads

Jose Maria Alfin
October 6, 2023

Andorra as a hub for Digital entrepreneurs or Digital Nomads

Andorra Digital Nomads: Why this small country could be one of the top options?

It is a trending topic talking about Digital Nomads.

These Digital Nomads can work from wherever country or jurisdiction since the physical presence is not necessary to render services via the internet. After the new revolution arising from the latest technologies (Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies; Artificial Intelligence; Virtual Reality, and Metaverso) after the COVID 19 crisis, many enterprises and freelancers decided to work remotely with the same technologies more productivity than before.

These Digital nomads have many options, but tax efficiency is one of the most important criteria when deciding the right place to work.

But Andorra has low taxes. We think that Andorra is a clear, attractive option for Digital Nomads for many and diverse reasons:

Why could Andorra be the most exciting system or location for Digital nomads?

  1. Security. Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world.
  2. Low taxes on Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income tax. In summary, Andorra is one of the most efficient countries in terms of personal income tax, which fulfils the minimum requirements requested by the OECD.
  3. A good network of double tax treaties is very efficient for international tax planning.
  4. Free movement of people within the EU territory
  5. The decision of the Government to attract Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs of the Digital Economy
  6. Good mobility as from the launching of La Seu d'Urgell Airport
  7. Simple legal framework.
  8. Super fast internet connection
  9. Advanced health system.
  10. Different scholarship options and languages.

And many other advantages we explained when we talked about the critical points of living in Andorra in our post.

As a sign of the decision of the Andorran Government and taking the reference of Estonia (the first country which is granting what is known as e-residency), the Government approved at the beginning of last month a Draft Bill to regulate the option of the relocation of these "Digital Nomads" to Andorra physically or electronically. 

At the moment, the Draft Bill is under discussion in Parliament, but with the law of foreign investments, which will eliminate the requirement of getting a prior foreign investment license to immigrate to Andorra, it is perfectly possible to attract Digital Nomads by following the requirements to get the Active Residence or Residence with Permit to work as freelance or for your own.

If you want to know more about this fascinating new reality and the steps to becoming an Andorran Digital Nomad, please contact us or book a virtual meeting.

In summary, the Andorran option could be one of the most exciting alternatives for this new reality of Digital Nomads working remotely in this challenging new digital world. If the Andorra Parliament approves a final law soon, facilitating the immigration of this business sector, the country could be even more attractive. 

In that event, Andorra could be one of the top destinations for Digital Nomads since it has all the key attractions for becoming a leading hub for the entrepreneurs of this challenging revolution of the Digital Economy.

Welcome, Andorra Digital Nomads. 

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