Fintax Andorra author of Private Client 2022 legal guide

Jose Maria ALFIN
November 30, 2022

This guide gives a brief explanation of the main factors affecting private clients in Andorra

We are proud to have contributed to the Andorran Chapter of the prestigious international legal guide ICLG Private Client 2022.

In our chapter, we analyze, not only the main tax details of the country but other relevant topics such as the different immigration permits, civil and family law issues together with some inheritance details. The publication could be interesting for individuals who want to plan the succession in the most efficient and secure way.

The whole publication could give the individuals thinking about a relocation to another country with a good overview of the pros and cons of the different alternatives.

Our firm will be happy to clarify any question or information that you may need in relation to Andorra.

Thanks, and regards,

Jose Maria Alfin

Managing Partner


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