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Webinar Digital Economy and new Visa Digital Nomads Andorra

Jose Maria Alfin
October 6, 2023

Webinar Digital Economy and the new visa for Digital Nomads in Andorra

In this webinar organized by Fintax Andorra last 23 February 2023, we had the honour to have as panelists to Mr. Bernat RIPOLL, CEO & Co-Founder of Holded. Holded is the top online accounting, invoicing, payroll in Spain. The company was launched in 2016 by Mr. Bernat Ripoll and his partner Mr. Javier Fondevila and it was sold to the giant norwegian company VISMA on 2021.

Likewise, we had Mr. Nicolas ALFIN as panelist. Nicolas was the founder and co-shareholder of COSAS DE BARCOS and CMO of, the leader in the industry.

Finally, we explained to the audience the current status on the new visa for Digital Nomads approved by Andorra on 23/12/2023.

Hope you find it interesting.



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