We have many years of experience in corporate and commercial law helping companies in their expansion towards investments in Andorra and transferring their residences to Andorra. The right to transfer the registered office and tax domicile of a company from one country to another is a substantial issue in order to determine whether the country of origin of the company and the recipient country, in this case Andorra, will accept this process.


Among the services we provide we can name the following:


  1. Incorporation of companies

  2. Statutory amendments

  3. Formalities for the commercial registration of the company in accordance with Andorran law

  4. Tax registration of the company with the tax and border department

  5. Registration of employees with the Andorran Social Security fund

  6. Other administrative permits when required due to the activity sector


We also assist companies in business reorganisation processes such as mergers, global assignment of assets and liabilities, as well as operations involving the termination or segregation of a branch of activity. In these processes, it is also essential to take into account the tax implications and to notify the tax and border department of the details of the operation prior to the transaction. In this way it is possible to achieve what is known in tax language as tax deferral or, in the language of the law itself, tax neutrality. Tax neutrality is not applied automatically by the tax department, but rather the company concerned must notify it, explaining the reasons for the operation. However, the complexity of these operations means that it is even possible to carry out business organisation operations between companies from different countries.


Given the experience of the founding partner in the financial and banking world, we have extensive experience in this sector and in the regulatory and supervisory aspects to which the entities of the financial sector are subject, which are all those listed by the law of the Andorran financial association.


Also within commercial law, commercial contracts are a fundamental section, which on many occasions have international implications and therefore coordination with experts from other countries is necessary to ensure that the operation is viable and that the jurisdiction and the law to which the contracts are subject adequately protects the interests of the clients.


Equally important is the protection of industrial property, i.e. trademarks, trade names and patents.


Also within the field of company and commercial law, we consider it essential that the advisor has the appropriate knowledge of accounting in order to fully understand the reason and the objective pursued by the client when carrying out certain operations. Therefore, as an additional service, we offer to certain clients the possibility of keeping all the books required by Andorran corporate law and the day-to-day bookkeeping and filing of the books in the corresponding administrative register.


We also have proven experience in helping writers, artists and sportsmen and women to establish themselves in the country by adequately protecting their interests from the point of view of the intellectual property of their works or their rights, and this implies not only protecting these rights from the point of view of Andorran law, but also having sufficient knowledge to ensure that this protection has international effects. In Andorra there has been a significant immigration of elite sportsmen and women, especially in the field of cycling and motorcycling, who require professionals with international experience in terms of protecting their image rights without putting these rights at risk from a commercial and civil point of view and eliminating any tax risk. For we are all aware of the experiences of some famous sportsmen and women who, due to excessively aggressive tax planning, have had problems with the tax authorities of other countries when carrying out operations that do not comply with international standards, we will always advise what is best for the client and always from the point of view of strict compliance with local and international regulations.

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